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We are excited by the prospect of beginning a new chapter in our unceasing service to the blind and visually impaired throughout Korea, as the new Siloam Eye Center will allow even more patients from poor neighborhoods, remote islands and rural areas to receive free specialized care-brightening the future for all Koreans.

The Siloam Eye Center will be a modern facility unparalleled in Asia-and we would like to open our doors to our Asian neighbors, making quality medical treatment and eye operations a reality for all blind and visually impaired people in the region.

Ways of Providing Support

We invite those interested in our meaningful work to make charitable contributions to help us make this vision a reality.

1) To contribute towards the building of our new Siloam Eye Center we ask our supporters to donate the cost for bricks to be used in our medical facility.

We ask individuals to sponsor anywhere from 100 to 1000 bricks-the cost for 1
regular brick is approximately 50 cents and the cost for 1 large brick is 1 dollar.

2) We ask individuals and organizations blessed with more ability to consider sponsoring the cost for a surgical room or inpatients’ room.

Surgical rooms are approximately 5 pyung (or 16.5m2), and cost about
$23,600. The size and cost for the various inpatient rooms are: each single
inpatient room is 5 pyung (or 16.5m2) in size and costs about $23,600; each
double inpatient room is 6 pyung (or 19.8m2) in size and costs about $28,350;
each 4-person room is 8 pyung (or 26.4m2) in size and costs about $37,800; and
each 6-person room is 10 pyung (or 33 m2) in size and costs about $47,250.

3)We would also be most grateful for any philanthropic organization/corporation that might sponsor the costs for building an entire floor.

Each floor is approximately 150 pyung (or 495m2) and the cost for each pyung
(3.3m2) is $4,725.

Please make all queries to:

Siloam Eye Hospital
60, DeungChon-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Korea (156-032)
Tel: 82-2-2650-0772, 0700
Fax: 82-2-2653-7577
Email us: eye1986@siloam.co.kr