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The Siloam Eye Hospital is dedicated to helping our less-fortunate neighbors of the Third World.

IN 1987 a medical missions team was sent to Bangladesh. In 1991, a team was sent to Yang Ji, China, and in 1994 a team was dispatched to help the tribal people of the Baguio in the Philippines.

In September 1999, the Siloam Eye Center was opened in Yang Ji, China, as a permanent facility to provide medical care to the ethnic Koreans and native Chinese living in the region.

In 2000, we were able to send a medical missions team to Kenya, Africa to administer eye care to the Masai tribal people.

The need is great in these underdeveloped countries, and we hope you will support us so that the Siloam Eye Hospital will be able to continually send medical missions teams overseas.


Our Siloam Mobile Eye Hospital converted 46-person capacity limousine bus fully equipped to perform major eye surgery and staffed by a team of 3 doctors and 4 nurses is sent out on about 40 mission trips every year. We visit rural and remote areas providing free medical treatment and eye surgery to patients without the means or access to proper medical care. Every year we visit poor neighborhoods, orphanages, youth correctional facilities, prisons, homes for the elderly, and schools for the blind all across the Korea and even China.