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Rev. Arthur W. Kinsler
Presbyterian Missionary to Korea

“I have known Rev. Sun-Tae Kim since the 1970’s and am familiar with the excellent Christian medical ministry of the Siloam Eye Hospital. . . . In many ways Rev. Kim is an exceptional person; although he is blind hedoes his work and ministry far better than the average person. He remembers hundreds if not thousands of friends and contacts by their voices, is an excellent preacher and has developed his hospital ministry to Korea’s blind in an amazing way.”

Rev. Wan-Seuk Han
Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Korea

“If America boasts of Helen Keller and Japan boasts of its visually disabled philosopher, Iwabashi Takeoh, Korea can boast of its hero Sun-Tae Kim, who is the head of an eye hospital, an evangelist to the blind, and a great example for all of us.”

Rev. Uye-Woong Yoo
Senior Pastor of Dorim Presbyterian Church

“Reverend Sun-Tae Kim is a great pastor whom the entire world is proud of. . . . He has introduced Jesus to numerous visually disabled people who were living in confinement and darkness. Not only did he grant them spiritual eyes to see the eternal light of Jesus, he also opened their physical eyes through he work of the Siloam Eye Hospital.”

Rev. Jae-Hong Han
Pastor of the New Light Church in New York

“I encountered a mysterious flower that brightens the entire world. . . . This flower is a fragrance to the blind, and a sound of hope more intimate than a spouse’s. It is the energy that restores your values to live a life of worth, and a rare puff of breath that rekindles the dying flame. I met this flower in Trenton, the capital of New Jersey. . . . Although that flower could not see the sun, he possessed the sun in his heart. . . . I am always proud that [Rev. Sun-Tae Kim] is my good friend and older brother in Christ.”