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"June 25, 1950 was the day the Korean War broke out. That day I lost both my parents and was orphaned at the age of ten. Soon after I found myself with a group of seven other children who had just met with the same fate. Together we foraged for food, traveling across Seoul. One day while we were in a field eating fruit, a bombshell exploded killing all of my companions and leaving me blind.

For two years I lived the life of a beggar, struggling to survive. Hunger, cruelty, filth, hopelessness, illness and pain filled my days and I often wondered if it would not have been better to have died in the field that day. Always in my darkest hour, when my suffering was too much to bear, the Lord always sent somebody to comfort me and give me strength. I will never forget the old Christian woman who took me in and treated my sores, or the U.S. Army chaplain who helped me get treated in a military hospital, or the minister who headed the school for the blind. They reminded me that God had a special purpose for my life.

With the help of America missionaries I was given the opportunity to attend aregular middle school and high school. And after overcoming many obstacles, I was able to enter and later become the first blind graduate of Soongsil University. God continued to bless me as I went on to seminary, got married, and became an ordained Presbyterian minister. He even opened the door for me to go to Chicago to attend McCormick Theological Seminary and receive a Doctorate of Ministry.

The Lord saved me from death and in return I have dedicated my life to serving Him. There is no doubt in my mind that the reason God prolonged my life back then, was so that I could help my fellow blind today. I want to reach out to the 200,000 blind and 5 million visually impaired living in Korea

Through the work of the Siloam Eye Hospital, I am able to feel great happiness and fulfillment by helping those who are in need and those who are in pain. However, there are still places that we cannot reach and there are many people who are suffering from eye problems that we can not help due to financial limitations.

To overcome these barriers we need your unending prayers and support. It is my wish that you will become my partner in making the world a brighter place.
Yours in Christ, Rev. Sun-Tae Kim.